It's true Christianity is under attack

America major religion is Christianity, and in the rest of the world also at about 2.1 Billion. Religion is a very important part of my life, and no doubt to every other practicing Christian as well. I can't imagine one day that I didn't live by the teaching of the Bible, it's a large part of my life no matter where I am, and what I am doing. I pattern my life by it, and so do other Christians as well.

It's mind boggling to me is how someone can say they are a Christian, and then don't stand for what the bible teaches, or how can they in church proclaim that they love God, and in Public places they don't want to acknowledge him. That's not a Christian to me that's a hypocrite.

These false Christians, and atheist have declared war on Christianity. Since the 1960's or even before there has been a steady attack on Christianity. The Devil has sent his agents to do his bidding.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, a militant left wing atheist with close ties to the American Communist Party, filed a lawsuit against the school board of Baltimore. To stop school prayer, her lawsuit was thrown out of the lower courts, but the Supreme Court ruled in her favour. That was the first great attack, and one that Christians should have fought harder to win.

From there we lost our right to have the Ten Commandments posted on government property. Nativity Scenes was then consider Unconstitutional. But Folks if you add a secular figure in with your Nativity Scenes then it is Constitutional.

They also want to take the motto In God We Trust off our money. They also want to control what a preacher preaches in the pulpit, if they don't like what they say they can call it hate speech. Can you believe that, the word of God hate speech?

The A.C.L.U., and the liberal courts have taken up the fight for the devil, and they have went about Killing, Stealing, and Destroying Christianity in America. They don't care that most Americans think that they have gone to far in taking religion out of public life.

Large majorities of Americans are in favour of allowing school prayer, keeping under God in the pledge of Allegiance, and allowing Nativity Scenes on Government Properties.

Many Americans believe that there is a war on Christianity. 8 out of 10 Americans believe that the courts have gone to far in driving religion our of public life.

The majority of our leaders claim they are religious, but they don't prove that when it comes to standing up for Christianity. They want to have Separation of Church and State. How can anyone stand for God one minute, and then go right against his teaching. As I said before HYPOCRITE. Jesus said it best you cannot serve two masters you will love one and hate the other. If you don't stand for God, you are against him.

And further more the attacks on 9/11 was a attack against Christianity also, they hate our way of life, and have in there minds to destroy all Christians that don't convert to their way of living.

So fellow Christians we are under attack from within and without our Country, but take heart we are the winners in the end anyway. If God before you who can be against you.

By: Lester Caudill - I am a Christian Minister, that believes America should keep holding
on to her Christian heritage.

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