The world at present is in a financial crisis. It is being predicted as the worse financial crisis since the 1930's. It has affected everything in its path as it spreads throughout the world. Many governments and companies have been forced to downsize selling equipment, property, and reducing staff.

As many persons worldwide have loss their jobs, the church has been affected. The Church now has reduced amounts of money coming in as offerings and tithes (for those who belief in tithing). It has affected projects the Church would have normally found itself involved, such as social support, seminars, and conferences.

With the financial crisis present, the Church has found itself in a position where more and more are joining its ranks seeking answers and comfort. Some of these persons are in need of social support, and the Church has been reaching out to them. This has resulted in a dent in the financial situation of some Churches.

Here in Barbados in 2008, Churches were having seminars and conferences. Churches were advertising in the print media on the airwaves (radio) and on television. This has changed significantly in 2009 as one seldom see or hear of a church seminar or conference.

This impact of the financial crisis on the Church,  seems it will continue until the world starts to climb of the financial mess.

Positives coming out of this for the Church is that many have turned to God for answers in this time of turmoil. Conferences and seminars were meant to attract persons to the Church during times of plenty, but during these times of few persons are coming to the Church on their own, and the Church now has an opportunity to freely spread the word of God.