The Hits and Jams Entertainment Group has released in a statement on its Facebook page that American entertainer Chris Brown who was scheduled to perform in Guyana has been pulled from the show.

Chris Brown's management decided to pull the artiste from his performance in Guyana which was scheduled for Boxing Day, December 26, 2012 at the Guyana National Stadium, due to protest against the "Unforgettable II" performance there.

Protest might have resulted there because Rihanna has some roots in that country. Rihanna mother Monica Braithwaite, Afro-Guyanese who migrated to Barbados where Rihanna was born.

According to Chris Brown's website he is currently touring Europe in places such as Germany, Poland and Switzerland. In other corners of the internet there have been reports of protest due his beating of Rihanna all across the continent.

Rihanna during an interview with TV mogul Oprah Winfrey on Oprah's Next Chapter revealed that she had forgiven Brown over the incident, and will probably always love him, but as a friend. See full interview here.

Women's groups the world over have been punishing Chris Brown for the 2009 beatings of pop star Rihanna who he was intimately involved with at the time. Rihanna was later depicted in a TMZ and Eurweb infamous pics showning her battered and bruised from the ordeal.