Barbados Casualties Due to Wikileaks Cables

The recently released Wikileaks cables on 30th August 2011 has left many tongues wagging, because thus far three persons within politics on the island have been identified

These individuals include, political scientist Mr. Peter Wickham, Opposition Member of Parliament Mia Mottley, and former Senator Philip Goddard.

Peter Wickham

A release of a cable which has documented conversation apparently made by Mr. Wickham has been making the rounds on the internet. Mr. Wickham has been praised in some corners for speaking what might be the truth, but hammered in others for the same.

Peter Wickham has denied the authenticity of the statements in a CADRES media release, by stating he never met with the then Ambassador Mary Kramer, nor is he privy to some details mentioned in the cables.

Mia Mottley

Mia Mottley made it to the Wikileaks website after a May 30th 2007, meeting with Ambassador Mary Ourisman.

Mottley was praise with one breath, but criticized with another. She was described as one with characteristics of abrasiveness and overconfidence. The cable even got personal about what her sexual preference might be. (not mentioned here see cable)

Philip Goddard

Former Senator Philip Goddard has also made an appearance on the good old Wikileaks site, and described by the embassy as an "excellent contact". As he disclosed according to the cable, that Mottley was not leadership material according to the kingpins of the Barbados Labour Party, due to her lifestyle.


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gop says...
It has come to my attention that a “wikileaks” Cable which is currently being circulated and quoted in different electronic media has identified me (Peter W. Wickham) as the source of information which formed the basis of several improper allegations that were made regarding two current and one former Caribbean Prime Minister. I consider this a most disturbing turn of events which presents me, along with these gentlemen in a negative light and appears to be based largely on information that I have no knowledge of and never conveyed to the Ambassador Kramer.
Specifically, I can state categorically, that I have NEVER met privately with former US Ambassador Mary Kramer, who is alleged to be the author of this cable. I do recall her entertaining about ten journalists, along with myself in 2006 and at this meeting I made reference to an OAS Document that I co-authored entitled “From Grassroots to the Airwaves” which is in the public domain and makes general remarks about Caribbean political party financing concerns that I am well-known to have. I however did not, at that meeting or at any other time, discuss the intimate details of any specific campaign or concerns about any leader with Ambassador Kramer as is being suggested in the commentary on the cable, because I am not privy to such information.
It would also be misleading to suggest that I was a campaign advisor to either PMs Skeritt, Gonsalves or Anthony and that I knew of “backroom deals” sources of financing or any quid pro quo which is also being suggested. These are aspects of the campaign that I neither have nor ever had any knowledge of and therefore could not possibly have spoken to. I have therefore sought legal advice on my options regarding these allegations which can impact negatively on my professional reputation.
I have already contacted a representative at the US Embassy and discussed my concerns extensively with her and she has advised that they cannot discuss the contents of these documents since there is no certainty that the documents are authentic.
Peter W. Wickham
7th July 2012 5:45pm
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