A large number of Christians today have rejected their God, Jesus Christ, who came and died for their sins. This is not an intentional act by these persons, but it is occurring because they fail to understand the ramifications of tithing.

Tithing, as described by most evangelical churches today, is the giving of ten percent of one's gross income, though if one were to examine it from a biblical standpoint, the tithe was not money. Under the Law of Moses, the tithe was implemented as a means of supporting one of the tribes of Israel, the Levites who were not allowed to own land.

The collection of tithes is no longer an obligation for the New Testament Church which should be under the grace of Jesus Christ, and not under the Law of Moses as the Jews were at that time. In the New Testament, tithing is mentioned twice and is referenced as part of the law of Moses. Mathew 23:23 states that tithing, though not as significant as judgement, mercy, and faith was also a part of the law. In Hebrews 7:5, it states that the Levites were to collect tithes according to the law of Moses.

If the average Christian were asked whether they were under the Law of Moses or the grace of Jesus Christ, most would say without hesitation that they are under grace. The average Christian thinks it is okay to be under grace and yet practise an obligation to the Law because the Church needs the money, but the Bible begs to differ.

To further demonstrate the point that tithing places one under the Law of Moses, one only has to consider circumcision in the Bible. At the time of the Gentiles coming into the fold of Christianity, the Jews wanted them to be circumcised. The Apostle Paul, however, adamantly refuted this because circumcision was of the Law and if one practices one element of the Law then that person is guilty of the whole law (Gal 5:3 - For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law). Paul then went on to say in Gal 5:4 that "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law: ye are fallen from grace".

If one were to extrapolate, it means then that those who tithe are debtors to do the whole law, and have rejected Jesus Christ, and have fallen from grace