Jamaican Accuses Barbados Immigration of Finger Rape

Ms. Myrie's story has been endorsed by former Jamaican honorary consul to Barbados, and attorney, Marlon Gordon.

Published: Thursday, Mar 24, 2011 - 12:00:00 AM
by gop

According to the Jamaican Observer a Jamaican traveling to Barbados on March 14, 2011, was subjected to a search by a female immigration officer, who placed her finger in her private parts, in search for drugs, after she was suspected of carrying drugs.

Shanique Myrie, who took her plight to the media of Jamaica via the Jamaican Observer, alleges that she was subjected to two demeaning cavity searches by a female immigration officer who continuously spewed venom about Jamaicans.

Ms. Myrie's story has been endorsed by former Jamaican honorary consul to Barbados, and attorney, Marlon Gordon. Gordon said even though some Jamaicans do enter Barbados and get involved in nefarious activities, that was no excuse for wholesale discrimination against Jamaican nationals.

Although no contraband was found on Myrie, she claims she was refused entry into Barbados and detained by officers before being sent back to Jamaica on the following day.

There is clearly more in the mortar here than the pestle, as Ms. Myrie probably did not meet entry requirements for some reason(s).

Jamaican young ladies have been traveling to Barbados in their numbers to work in brothels which have been popping up throughout the island, and are filled with beautiful young Jamaican young ladies. It once was the case where these ladies came from Guyana, but are now coming from Jamaica.

This might not be the case with Ms. Myrie, but if she was unable to maybe meet the entry requirements, should she be allowed to enter?

Former Jamaican honorary consul to Barbados, Marlon Gordon, has said that some Jamaicans enter Barbados and get involved in nefarious activities, this is clearly seen in our strip clubs, where these ladies from throughout the region, charge patrons BDS $10 for a lap dance, and BDS $300 for sex. Prostitution is illegal in Barbados.

These women are not traveling on their own accord, and the puppeteers who might be controlling the regional human trafficking ring, should be made known, as Barbadians are probably also traveling to other regions to do the same.

"Shanique Myrie, on arrival in Barbados, claimed she would have been staying with a female resident, but a closer investigation revealed she was actually staying with a Barbadian man who actually facilitates the entry of non-nationals into the island," Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office, Harry Husbands told the Nation newspaper in Barbados.

Although this article might have gone off on a tangent, this serious matter affects us all, it is understood that the intentions of the young lady involved might have been genuine, and should not be discounted in anyway.


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