Losing Weight Fast, Naturally, and Healthily

Losing weight is not rocket science, just like gaining weight is not a rocket science. What it calls for is some dedication as it is easier to put it on than to lose it.

Weight Loss

Losing weight fast, and in a healthy way is very possible without bringing hardship to oneself with the involvement of strange dietary, medical, and exercise programs

Most persons will do almost anything to reduce their overweight condition, and many unscrupulous persons have use this to their advantage to gain wealth.

The waist-lines of "developed" countries are increasing more and more, and this needs to be seriously address by our authorities, as we are finding it more convenient to take onboard foods which we know are unhealthy, but we all agree taste great.

Our societies on a daily basis are more stressful than ever before, and we respond by seeking measures of relieving some of this stress. Eating is one of these measures, and this is why and how it works.

When one eats certain hormones are release in the brain which are responsible for making us feel well and happy. This feel good feeling is addictive as anyone could imagine. As the meal is digested and assimilated this emotional high begins to fall, which causes the person to seek more food to gain that emotional high once again.

As this cycle continues the person starts to acquire more and more fat. The person might then be faced with more stressful situations because of the weight, which further exacerbates the problem, and the person becomes obese.

The person begins to feel badly about themselves, and might remember their doctor or somewhere in the media it being mentioned that the secret to losing weight is to diet and exercise.

The person embarks on this mission and finds eventually it does not work. The person turns on the television, or some other medium to be told of the latest fat losing fad of a person who was 400 pounds who is now 200 pounds in three months.

The real secret to losing weight, however, is reversing the cause of that weight in the first place. That is to say one should reduce the amount one eats. A fat person in almost all instances is a person who eats a lot.

Although the advice a doctor might offer of dieting and exercise is accurate is some respect. It is more accurate to advice persons to simply eat less. This means you can eat whatever you like, but eat reduced amounts.

This principle is the concept the rich uses to become and remain rich. If you want to become rich your assets must exceed your liabilities. In other words what comes in must be more than what goes out. If you want to reduce weight your energy intake must be less than your energy output.

Many persons believe that after they have eaten half of a cake, a walk around the block will work away all the energy from the cake, but it is not that simple. The energy from the cake is therefore converted to fat and stored for times of "hardship", which if it never comes then fat tends to accumulate.

So in summary reducing the amount you eat and supplementing with exercise will reduce your weight as fat occurs when energy input is greater than energy output. It is not what you eat, but how much you eat that determines if a person will lose weight.

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