Scientists have proven that anti-gay laws protect the society

A study in Trinidad and Tobago found that 20.4% of men who have sex with men surveyed were infected with HIV

Anti-Gay Laws prohibiting the gay act have been proven to protect the wider society by decreasing a more rapid spread of the HIV virus.

In a 2009 report by UNAIDS, emerging evidence indicates that there is greater spread of the virus between men who have sex with men, than men who have sex with women.

Therefore any law which seeks to reduce the chances of men having sex with men, or seek to be a deterrent will in fact reduce, or help to combat further increases in the spread of the HIV virus.

In the Caribbean the report by UNAIDS reports the following:

*A 2006 study in Trinidad and Tobago found that 20.4% of men who have sex with men surveyed were infected with HIV. In Jamaica, another study found HIV prevalence of 31%. Sex between men also seems to be driving an increase in HIV prevalence in Cuba*.

The reason why this spread occurs more frequently in Gay men is due to the structure of the anus relative to that of the Vagina in female.

Without going into too much detail here, the layers which form the coating of the anus are thinner than that of the vagina. Therefore during sexual intercourse the anus covering(epithelium) tends to rupture and bleed easier than that of the vagina. The bleed might not be visible to the naked eye, but enough could be available for the transmission of the HIV and hence the UNAIDS report.

The vagina is also naturally well lubricated during intercourse, therefore preventing further friction and tears.

The rate of spread of HIV/AIDS between men who have sex with men is also higher than that of the general population because the gay population is smaller, and therefore more sharing of partners who might be carrying the virus occurs.

Therefore scientist have helped in proving that this gay act is wrong, and can be harmful to the wider society. The wider society due to innate moral feelings, as we all deep down inside know the things which are right, and what is wrong, now has scientific proof.

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