Sperm donors being sought by Barbadians for IVF

Dr. Skinner - "We typically see women who are professionals"

Barbados Fertility Clinic located at Seaston House,
Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados
Barbadian women are now seeking out in vitro fertilization (IVF) as a way of becoming pregnant without the intimate contact of a male, this is according to the nation newspaper of Barbados.

According to this news source the fertility clinic here in Barbados has been in existence since 2002. It is currently being run by Dr. Juliet Skinner who is the medical director. The clinic, which is involved in fertility issues is called the Barbados Fertility Centre.

It is dedicated to catering to person all over the world, and is located at Seaston House, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados.

According to the Barbados Fertility Clinic's website the procedures offered at the clinic can range from US$5,500 to US$34, 000. Which is dependent on a number of factors including whether the person or couple involved will need accommodation and its surrounding luxuries, and type of luxuries.

The clinic does not only cater to single women, but also cater to couples who might have been finding it difficult to attain successful conception.

The clinic has disclosed that its clients are chiefly those young professionals, who sometimes do not have a partner, and can't find the time.

It might also be an option for lesbian couples who want to raise children. The problem with this is that it is another system which takes the male figure out of the picture, and takes away from what God intended for the man that he be the head of the household.

Dr. Skinner said they use the reputable sperm bank Fairfax Cryobank in California, United States, where patients would make their selection from donors who are not named, but assigned numbers.

Patients can choose from a spreadsheet of donors who list the colour of their eyes, hair, weight, occupation and ethnic background. Most of them are also graduates.

What patients can not choose from is the spiritual aspect of the donor of the sperm. It is believed that curses can pass from generation to generation, and this might occur through genes which come from each parent. A female seeking IVF stands the risk of traits of the father she knows nothing about.

Couples on the other hand stand to benefit from this greatly if they have been having problems in becoming pregnant. as the male and female have had a chance to get to know each other. This is not the case of the women who is seeking out a male donor based on skin tone and eye colour.

Fertility Clinics look to both males and females for diagnosis of fertility problems. Diagnosis has shown that fertility problems arise 35% of the time from males, 35% from female, 20% from combined issues, and 10% from unexplained causes.

For the male, semen collection is a standard diagnostic test to ascertain problems with the semen quality. While females may undergo a multitude of tests including an ovulation analysis, x-ray of fallopian tubes and uterus, and laparoscopy. (wikipedia)

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