Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, two Caribbean Islands each with its own identity.

Trinidad and Tobago lies at the southern end of the Caribbean chain, only a few miles off the South America Coast. The two Islands are 21 miles(33km.) apart; the Capital is Port of Spain, in the North-West of Trinidad.

Trinidad and Tobago is the home of Caribbean Carnival. It is also the home of calypso, and the steel pan, which evolved in Port of Spain half a century ago. These are just two of the many musical forms to be found alongside strong traditions of dance, literature, sculpture and painting.

Trinidad is the larger of the two Islands (1,864 square miles), has a range of mountains along its north coast, rising 3,085 feet (940 metres), a central plain and rolling hills in the south. Tobago (116 square miles) has a central range of hills rising to 1,860 feet (549 metres), with a flatter area in the south.

A kaleidoscopic whirlpool of colours, history and cultures. A melting pot of races from all corners of the world, a place full of energy and excitement. Trinidad and Tobago is the most industrialised and diversified territory in the English-speaking Caribbean.

The climate is that of a tropical one tempered by trade winds. The average temperature is 29o C. The Island has a wet and a dry season, June to December is the wet season. The islands are locate at Atlantic Standard Time (EST +1, GMT -4).

The English language is the primary language spoken on the islands. The Phone access code to the Islands is 868. The Trinidad and Tobago dollar is the Currency used ($1USD=$6TT)

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