Welcome to Barbados

Historic Sites

Barbados Concorde Experience
Barbados Garrison
Former 17th century British military base, now open to the public.
Barbados Museum & Historical Society
An engaging glimpse into the history of Barbados.
Codrington College
This school was named after the renowned Codrington family and features beautifully landscaped grounds and a large lily pond.
Drax Hall
This building's traditional, mid-19th century British architecture makes an interesting contrast with the lush tropical landscape.
Folkestone Marine Park & Visitor Centre
Farley Hill
This 19th-century plantation house was destroyed by fire, leaving behind a spectacular ruin.
Garrison Savannah
Alongside Barbados Museum, site of former British soldier barracks, now used for horse racing.
St. Nicholas Abbey
Jacobean plantation house surrounded by sugarcane fields: dine on the bottom floor and soak in that colonial elegance.
Foursquare Distillery
Factory tour; Historic site
George Washington House
A nineteen year-old George Washington spent two months at this house, making Barbados the only foreign nation Washington ever visited.
Sunbury Plantation House
A holiday in Barbados is incomplete until you visit Sunbury Plantation House at Sunbury, St. Philip. There you will experience one of the many stylish plantation houses on the island, while taking the opportunity to enjoy a tasty Barbadian fare. Built in 1660 by Anglo-Irish planter Matthew Chapman, Sunbury has been through many perilous times, including a fire which caused much destruction. In 1981, Angela and Keith Melville purchased and restored it to its glory days.
Jewish Synagogue
Oldest Jewish synagogue in the Western hemisphere, dating back to 1654.
St. Michael's Cathedral
The first American President George Washington attended services at this Bridgetown church in 1751.
Morgan Lewis Mill
Windmill with all its original machinery; climb to the top for some great views of the island.
Gun Hill Signal Station
This former British outpost affords spectacular panoramic views of the island.
Heritage Park
Harry Bayley Observatory
Built in 1963, this is the headquarters of the Barbados Astronomical Society. The observatory is equipped with a 14-inch reflector telescope, certainly one of the largest in the Eastern Caribbean
Parliament Buildings
3rd Oldest Parliament in the Western hemisphere. Two late 19th century buildings built of coral stone, now important architectural landmarks in Bridgetown.
National Heroes Square
Across from the Parliament Buildings and bordered by High and Trafalgar streets, this triangular "square" (formerly called Trafalgar Square) marks the centre of town. Its monument to Lord Horatio Nelson (although Nelson was in Barbados only briefly in 1777, when he was a 19-year-old navy lieutenant) predates Nelson's Column in London's Trafalgar Square by 36 years. Also here are a war memorial and a fountain that commemorates the advent of running water on Barbados in 1865.
Rum Factory and Heritage Park
Old-fashioned sugar refinery: archaic machinery, folk art fairs, a sculpture garden and fields of sugarcane create a unique atmosphere sure to please the most jaded tourists.
Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station
Brighton House
Built in 1652, this is one of the oldest houses on the island of Barbados.
Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill