Scuba Diving

The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. There are several types of reefs, each one unique in its own special way.
Scuba Diving Establishments
Enjoy exciting water sports such as jet skis or discover sunken treasures while scuba diving in the crystal clear, exotic blue waters of Barbados
Lorenzo's Scuba Dreams is a dive shop located on the beach at the Royal Pavilion, Crystal Cove, Glitter Bay & private houses on the West Coast of Barbados
is a state of the art scuba centre
Eco Dive Barbados
specialize in semi-private and small group dives. Eco Dive Barbados is committed to offering top quality, individualized service
20 foot, open, centre console powerboat offering a range of activities such as Scuba diving, Snorkelling, and Coastal tours along the west coast of Barbados
The Dive Shop Ltd.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, you can discover the beauty of Barbados and the Caribbean Sea with West Side Scuba Centre
Dive Sites
Carlisle Bay
This bay is best known for its calm, sheltered waters, perfect for swimming and scuba diving.
For the expert deep-sea diver, a 360-foot freighter ship sitting in 130 feet of water and populated by all kinds of tropical marine life.
Explore a real drug boat without the danger: now sunk, this boat is populated only by fish and makes for an interesting dive.
An old cement boat 40 feet under water, now populated by tropical fish: a must-see for the avid scuba diver.
A 45-foot French tugboat sits in 25 feet of water and houses seahorses, crabs and assorted fish.
Friars Craig
For the diving beginner looking for big underwater adventure, this sunken ship is a great place to start with its abundance of marine life and its close proximity to a coral reef.
Located north of Barbados, this sunken ship is 165 feet long and 60 feet deep, which makes a perfect dive for beginners.
Maycocks Bay Reef (60'-80')
Brightledge Reef (60'-80')
Spawnee Reef (40'-70')
Tropicana Reef (60'-80')
Whitegates (60'-80')
Allens Reef
Boom Reef
Dottins Reef (40'-60')
Sandy Lane Reef (60'-80')
Fisherman's Reef (40')
Payne's Bay Reef
Church Point
Carlise Bay Wrecks (20'-40')
Stavronikita Wreck (100')
Pamir Wreck (40'-60')
And many more...