Should Christians Believe in Miracles?

Today some Christians seem afraid to belief in miracles, they belief some persons who are performing miracles are doing it through Satan. This differs little from the times of the Jews in bible where certain Jews believed the miracles performed by Jesus himself were as a result of the power of Satan.

This article therefore will focus on miracles performed in the bible, focusing on the differences if any, between miracles performed by a power other than JEHOVAH.

The bible records many miracles performed while the Israelites were in Egypt. The magicians were able to duplicate some of these miracles performed by God, but as God began to step up on the type of miracles the magicians themselves admitted it was the finger of God performing these miracles as the source of these magician's power could not compare.

When Jesus came to earth, and started performing miracles, certain of the Jews thought he was doing so through the power of Satan (Mat 12:24). Jesus, however, mentioned that a kingdom divided will not stand, and if Satan were to cast out Satan, in order to heal the sick, that kingdom would soon fall (Mat 12:25-26).

If one was to extrapolate from this then one can draw the conclusion that the healing of persons from demonic possession so as to free them of diseases, and various hindrances, is of JEHOVAH. Some persons, however, are of the opinion that Satan can miraculously heal the sick, and this has become their stumbling block, and might be against what Jesus was saying.

So miracles which result in the liberation of a person should be seen as a miracle of God especially once it is done to the glory of God. One should also be careful in harnessing doubt in such situations as the bible might have referred to this as blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (Mat 12:31).

John the Baptist also showed this doubt about whether Jesus was the son of God who was to come, when he heard of the works Jesus did. Jesus sent back to John the Baptist proving who he was by the type of miracles which he performed. The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them (Mat 11:2-5).

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