BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- Having read the Bible I have come to understand that in the last days homosexuality would be on the increase, but never imagine it would have been in my lifetime, until a few years ago.

In Barbados of late, are women dressing, walking, talking and behaving with all the mannerisms of men.

These women walk along the city streets as couples with all the affectionate responses to each other as heterosexual couples. What is strange is that is seems to cause very little stir within the country. Have we lost our morals?

The Bible states this is happening because both men and women have refused the creator the heaven and earth. Therefore, women have change the natural use of their bodies into that which is against nature, because their are burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly.

Women who have been developing all the traits of men seem to be taking over the role of men in the society, pressing for those jobs traditionally held by men such as steel benders, heavy machine drivers, and even barbers.

Though we are to be compassionate to persons who are homosexuals, the practice of homosexuality should never be condoned as it is against nature and the advancement of life.