Witches in Barbados are attacking Christian churches. They aren't attacking physically, but they are attacking via spiritual means in terms of praying against Christians on the island.

It has been often said that witches travel from various areas of the world to come to Barbados in order to pray agianst the Christians and the order of our society which is based on Christian values, it has been a great revelation during a conference held by Prophetic Healing Encounter Ministries, where host pastor is Prophet LL Spencer.

During the service held by Prophetic Healing Encounter witches in their numbers were coming to the service in order to hinder what was happening each night in terms of persons getting saved in the name in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to prevent those who have been already saved getting a second lease on life in terms of a more comfortable life.

Many in the conference received revelation from the guest speaker on spritual hinderances in their lives brought on in most cases by the acts of others including family, friends, and enemies, and how, when, and where it was done.

Witches who percieved what was suddenly happening on the island of Barbados started to crawl out of the woodwork, and attended the services each night in what could only be described as to hinder it.

If I wasn't there myself, I would have probably found it a bit difficult to digest, but so it was before my very eyes that a warlock was saved in one instance, Prophet Prempeh asked him if he wanted to be saved, and commanded the spirit(s) to come out of him. An old lady approached Prophet Prempeh while he prophesied, he alerted the rest of us she was a witch, and he prayed and cancelled her assignment.

On another night of the service, another woman appeared at one of the doors of the tabernacle, the prophet percieved she too was a witch, and exposed her. As she left the compound I heard her say "look how they looking at me?". I was a bit shocked, as I never thought witches would be so bold.

Each night of the service the prophet disclosed exactly how many witches were in the service, and prayed against any assignments of witches, and warned in one instance that an inaudible chant was being performed and it should come to an end which he percieved in the spirit.

Another radio pastor had also spoken out against witches attending his services, and contacting him to pack up and leave Barbados, as they will be coming up against him, to this day the pastor is still in Barbados, and his services are going strong.

Witches are apparently causing some churches to fail. Why isn't the Christian community speaking out on this, so churches can be on their guard, and pray agianst the wiles of the enemy, as witches might be in high positions within some churches causing chaos to prevail, and the wrong motives being sought by that church in which they are attached?