Why should KFC in the UK serve religious food in the form of halal?

We are delighted that the HFA have certified KFC's products in these stores, and the store environments, as halal. Should non-Muslims be delighted?

Published: Monday, Jan 18, 2016 - 10:03:22 PM by Jeff
KFC in the UK serving up halal to non-Muslims

According to the UK KFC website the company listens to its customers and has decided to offer halal food based on the Islamic religion, but where does this place non-Muslims, or it frankly doesn't matter to KFC?

The website speak to and name a number of its restaurants which serve up the halal products, and claim that they buy chicken only from suppliers who are authorised by the Halal Food Authority (HLA) in the UK. Are we serious? What about non-Muslims, don't they have a say in what they eat?

The website further states that they supplier authorised by the HLA recites a pray over the meat that is supplied to KFC. Shouldn't KFC be non-religous when its comes to serving up food? Why should a non-Muslim be forced to eat food offered to the Muslim god in prayer?


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