Leroy Parris of CLICO notoriety claims hardship

Parris: appears he can't meet living expenses because of assets freeze

Published: Sunday, Feb 15, 2015 - 11:36:27 AM by Jeff

Leroy Parris

According to a Nation newspaper report of 15 February 2015, former CLICO Boss Leroy Parris has applied to the High Court to overturn an order freezing his assets and those of his company, Branlee Consulting Services Inc.

Parris, according to the report claimed that the order had created "hardship" on him and the company.

This revelation comes a few weeks after Justice William Chandler froze $4.5 million in assets belonging to Mr. Parris and his company.

The former CLICO president and CEO informed the court that he and his companies owned properties valued at $10 million and had cash in banking institutions to over $10 million.

Parris stated there is no difference between the late Prime Minister David Thompson and David Thompson and Associates as the latter is only a business name. In his application to the court Parris made the point that the widow of the late prime minister, Mara Thompson should then be sought for answers as she was described as the personal associate of David Thompson and not the law firm De Novo Attorneys-at-law.

It appears according to Parris that PM Thompson had no partners in the law firm and after he died the responsibility for the firm passed automatically to his widow.

A hearing in this matter is now to be set.

Banks in Barbados closing Leroy Parris' accounts with them

In another matter related to Mr. Parris, some Canadian banks operating in Barbados apparently made contact with him stating they were terminating accounts which he had with them.

Banks involved include FirstCaribbean International bank and Royal Bank.


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Miche says...
A drowning man catches at straws.
9th March 2015 8:04am
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