Six Caribbean banks implicated in FIFA's scandal

Nine FIFA Officials and Five Corporate Executives Indicted for Racketeering Conspiracy and Corruption

Published: Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015 - 08:37:53 AM by Jeff

Jack Warner - defendant charged in the indictment including high-ranking officials of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner in 2011 had promised a massive tsunami against FIFA which came after a controversial meeting in Trinidad and Tobago where a video was uploaded to the internet declaring acts of corruption.

In a major twist, however, the United States of America (USA) has dropped a tornado on Mr. Warner, a former member, and other current and former senior members of the FIFA organization. In addition to the top managers who were named an indictment, prepared by the US, it mentions a further 25 co-conspirators who were also brought to light but whose names haven't been directly produced as yet. Conspirator #14 for example was mentioned as a relative of the defendant JACK WARNER.

According to the 166-page indictment in the United States vs Jeffrey Webb, et al, many senior Fifa officials and others are charged with multiple counts of racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud involving US$150 million, six Caribbean banks are also listed as having completed wire transfers of large sums of money for the defendants.

The regional banks listed in the indictment are: First Caribbean International Bank (Bahamas), Barclays Bank (Cayman Islands), Fidelity Bank (Cayman Islands), First Citizens Bank (T&T), Intercommercial Bank (T&T) and Republic Bank (T&T).

The defendant JACK WARNER, a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and, between approximately 1993 and 2013, a legal permanent resident of the United States, was an individual employed by and associated with the enterprise. In or about and between 1983 and June 2011, WARNER was a member of the FIFA executive committee, and, beginning in 1997, was also a FIFA vice president. In or about and between 1990 and June 2011, WARNER was also the president of CONCACAF and CFU, as well as a "special advisor" to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, a national member association of FIFA and CONCACAF, the indictment stated.

The names of top sponsors including Toyota, Santander and Bridgestone, companies, and also individuals and companies within Trinidad and Tobago have been mentioned in the US indictment. One of the sponsors paid sums as high as US$57 million to be title sponsor of the Copa Libertadores tournament, while the others paid less at other times for the title position.

Jack Warner's name added to Interpol's red notice lists

LYON, France - At the request of US authorities, INTERPOL Red Notices - or international wanted persons alerts - have been issued for two former FIFA officials and four corporate executives for charges including racketeering, conspiracy and corruption.

Red Notices are one of the ways in which INTERPOL informs its member countries that an arrest warrant has been issued for an individual by a judicial authority and seeks the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar lawful action.

A Red Notice is not an international arrest warrant, and INTERPOL cannot compel any member country to arrest the subject of a Red Notice.


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