Thousands of Jamaicans rally against the gay agenda

Published: Monday, Jun 30, 2014 - 04:35:50 PM by Jeff

Jamaican Offences Against Persons Act of 1864 under pressure from gay lobbyists

KINGSTON, Jamaica - An estimated 30,000 Jamaicans have rallied in their black, green and gold (Jamaican colours) to support the Jamaica CAUSE (Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation) mass rally in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

The rally come after the Jamaican Government sought to repeal that country's buggery act, and in support of Professor Brendan Bain, the retired University of the West Indies (UWI - Mona) professor who lost his job from the institution as the director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART).

Professor Bain, who is regarded as a pioneer in clinical infectious disease practice in the Caribbean and a leading medical authority on the HIV epidemic in the region, had lost his job following reports that a coalition of 33 lobby groups from across the Caribbean had called for his head because of expert testimony he gave in a challenge to the constitution brought by a gay Belizean man against that country's criminal code in September 2010.

The buggery act as referred to as the Offences Against Persons Act of 1864, however, is under pressure from gay groups within and outside of Jamaica along with other interest including some countries around the world. The Jamaican government is now relying on its legislators to commit to a parliamentary conscience vote on the matter of the act.

Through the rally Jamaicans are showing there deference to the repeal of the law in their numbers while calling for strong and healthy families, righteousness and justice as well as to resistance to the homosexual agenda and its call for removal of the buggery act.

The rally started at the entrance of UWI - Mona where the Church has been protesting against Bain's dismissal for the pass four weeks, and made its way to Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.

The rally has also taken an electronic form on the social network site Facebook in the "I Support Professor Brendan Bain" which has garnered thus far 2104 likes. Support has also come from the Jamaican Rastafarian and Muslim communities, along with other well wishers.


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